Which Is Better – A Cotton or Microfibre Towel?

The Cotton vs. Microfibre Towel Dilemma

So you need a new towel. But with so many options on the market – including comfortable cotton and innovative microfibre varieties – how can you know which one is the best choice? Let us break it down for you.


What Is a Microfibre Towel?Microfibre pile detail

Microfibre towels are generally thinner than cotton, but they soak up a surprising amount of liquid due to their finely woven construction. They also dry quickly and are less prone to mildew and mould. Having been made from natural or synthetic materials like cellulose or wood pulp, they tend to be exceptionally strong.


Closeup of towel showing loop pileThe Cotton Difference

Cotton towels are thicker, plusher and wonderfully soft, but they do take longer to dry as a result. If you opt for upscale Egyptian or Supima varieties, which are created from premium cotton, resulting in finer, stronger yarns, you will get that sumptuously soft cotton feel. High-quality cotton is also known to be one of the most long-lasting fabric options. Cotton towels become even softer after washing, especially after a quick spin in the dryer.


Which Is the Most Comfortable?

A cotton towel is the most comfortable towel for everyday use at home, but microfibre towels are much better for travel as they’re so much lighter to carry and are more compact. Both varieties are very strong, however.

For those who want the ultimate in plush towels for trips – without packing a bulky cotton model in their case,  shammy or chamois travel towels are absorbent and are soft and velvety to the touch.


Which One Looks Better?

Both Microfibre and cotton towels can have vibrant colours which are great for the home or the beach  or gym. Looks are really in the eye of the beholder!


Which Is Easier to Care For?

Both cotton and microfibre towels can be washed using typical methods. However, microfibre materials should not be machine dried on a high heat. A low setting is fine – or better yet, hang it on the line.


Which Is More Durable?

Heavier and thicker cotton towels are not only unbeatable when you’ve just gotten out of a relaxing bath, they also last a lifetime. In addition, they become softer, more robust and easier to take care of over time, which is perhaps the biggest benefit of investing in one for your home, beach or holiday!


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