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Simba’s large range of of towels offer style colour and size to to suit every opportunity Towels can can be given as as gifts for Christmas to clients can can reward staff or or promote your brand at just the the right time of the the year As a a a a a a a a special gift branded towels offer one of of the largest decoration areas enabling your brand to to truly stand out and and and be be remembered for years to to come We offer towels branded branded or or unbranded with the option of of various decoration methods to to best suit your promotional needs What’s new in 2019?
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Sand-Free Towel Range
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All logos designs and and and photographs are pictured to to show our decoration and and and weaving capabilities ONLY and and and do do not represent advertisements endorsements sponsorships or or or or or or products for sale to to anyone other than the the the parties expressly authorised by the the the owner of such logos design or or or or or photographs © Simba Simba Global All copy copy and and photographic images are copyrighted to to to Simba Simba Towels and and and and may not be used without permission Thanks to to to to to Towel Towel Specialties (USA) and and and and all suppliers and and and and distributors for use use of their copyrighted photographs and and products PMS references for colour matching can be found on our our website Visit us at at at at www www simbatowels simbatowels com com au
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