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Screen Printed Towels What are my screen printed towel options?
Screen printing is widely used on fabrics with Velour and and Terry Towels Towels Towels Tea Towels Towels Towels and and Sports Towels Towels Towels being popular options Screen printing is ideal for for large format prints and features water based pigments being squeezed through a a a a a a a a a fine mesh (or screen) onto the the surface of the the towel With this method the the the ink ink sits on the the the surface of the the the the towel The inks inks are are cured in in in in in a a a a a high temperature oven ensuring the the inks inks are are colourfast Screen printed towels must be washed prior to to to use softening the the ink and separating the towel’s fibres Only 50 piece minimum for Beach Towels Please note fine lines and text smaller than 3cm are not not suitable for this print method 4 Easy Ways to to Customise Tone Tone on on on Tone Tone Tone Tone on on on Tone Tone printing produces a a a a a a subtle print print finish that is a a a a a a a a a few shades lighter than the base towel colour It can be applied in in in in one one one one tone in in in in any design or printed logo onto the product Our Tone Tone on on on on on on Tone Tone print print technique can be applied to to to most most towels but is most most effective on our our veloured products 1 Lime
Red Royal
Black Aqua Navy 24
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